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Picnic And Resort - Picnic Spot - Salburdi
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Salbardi according to the 1961 Census has a population of 129. It is an insignificant village about 8 km. (5 miles) north of Morsi on the border lying partly in the tahsil of that name and partly in the Betul district of Madhya Pradesh. It holds an important position in Hindu mythology. Legend connects it with the abode of Sita when she was deserted by Rama, and to have given birth to her two sons Lava and Kusa. They were taught by the Sage Valmiki after he had been reformed by Narada, who released him from his entombment at Salbardi. The twins are said to have caught the horse Syamakarna let loose by Rama when he performed the Asvamedha Yajna. A battle was fought between Rama and his three brothers, and his sons Lava and Kusa. The former were defeated and left unconscious on the battle-field and being told of these happenings, Sita arrived on the scene and recognised, Rama, Laksmana, Bharat and Satrughna. A great union took place and Rama acknowledged Sita and his two sons Lava and Kusa and were taken by him to Ayodhya. Salbardi is situated on the Madu river, and is celebrated on account of two springs, one very cold and the other hot or decidedly tepid. The springs flow into a small stone cistern which was formerly divided into compartments for the hot and cold water. The water was recently analysed, and reported as containing sulphates and phosphates in small quantities, unfit for drinking but probably useful as a wash for skin diseases. Colonel Meadows Taylor records bathing here in 1857 and says that the waters gave his malaria temporary relief. As might be expected, the place contains several spots of mythological interest, particularly the bath or Nhani of Sita and an underground temple of Mahadeva in a natural cave; also some images cut in the natural rock. A hill close by is crowned with a rough stone fort known as Babu Khan''s Killa after a famous Pendhari who occupied it. The fort can still be seen though now it is almost in a crumbled position. Near this place B. Hira Lal has discovered two Buddhist viharas or monasteries consisting of spacious halls and rooms all cut out of rock. One of them contains a headless image of Buddha, now worshipped as a Devi with vermilion and water.

A cave in a hill by the village, approached through a long narrow passage, contains an idol of Mahadeva. It is believed that an underground passage leads from this cave to Mahadeva hill at Pancmadhi and it is said that Mahadeva put two thousand goats into the passage at Pancmadhi and only one came out at Salbardi. It is said also that a hole in the hill leads down to the cave and that this hole was made by Bhimsena so that he might see Mahadeva better. There were also hot and cold water springs here, but those have now become mixed. A temple on the hill contains a headless image of a Devi and a pool of reddish coloured water is supposed to be tinged by the blood that fell from the image when its head was cut off. An annual fair is held here in March, on Mahasivratra day and lasts for three days, and is attended by about 5,000 persons, nearly a hundred temporary shops being opened for the sale of goods. In the village is a quarry of hard stone from which mortars, cups and cooking slabs are made. There is also a quarry of limestone". Drinking water is obtained from the wells. A mixed primary school gives education up to 3rd standard. Morsi is the bazar place.

Salbardi is named from its abundance of sal trees and the stony character of its soil.

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