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Celebrate Safe and Secure Diwali

By Prakash Kadu
Published at 16/10/2017

The year’s most joyous and celebratory time is approaching soon. Diwali 2017 or Deepavali falls on 19th October 2017. The festival of lights, Diwali one of the most significant festivals celebrated in India. The preparation for the celebration has already begun. People started festival shopping; preparations for home décor etc. This is the time for fun and festivity, feast and parties, and so on. To celebrate the occasion, houses are decorated with diyas, beautiful rangolis, garlands of flowers and colourful lights. The festival nights are witnessed with millions of fireworks in the sky. But in today’s scenario the kind of celebration need to be altered with some dos and don’ts. The rising level of pollution and accidents due crackers in Diwali season spoil the festive mood. After Supreme Court judgment banning sale of fire crackers in Delhi-NCR, there is time to ponder seriously on this issue. The result has come out in support of a pollution-free Diwali and public healt concern but some people trying to give it communal angle. So what do you think in Maharashtra fire crackers should be ban or not to ban??

Besides the issue of pollution the incident of fire crackers accidents troll is also high and another associate problem with it is child labour in crackers industry. But on the other hand crackers are integral part of Diwali festivities. As Nagpur is inching towards smart city we must take care of this issue. So as civilian we should follow some tips to have a safe, secure and joyous Diwali!

•    We can organise community rather than bursting crackers individually. So it will help to put contribution towards    eco-friendly Diwali.
•    Buy Fireworks from a licensed shop
•    Keep crackers away from children and fire
•    Fireworks must be handled with care to avert any disasters.
•    Burst crackers into safe zones and open grounds
•    Do not wear synthetic clothing wear cotton clothes while bursting crackers.
•    Supervise the kids and guide them while bursting crackers
•    Put your vehicle at safe place
•    Don’t burst the crackers with high sound intensity
•    Be gentle with roadside animals

So Dear Nagpurian make this festival beautiful. Your little little contribution can do wonder. Hope you have a good time with your loved ones. Happy & Safe Diwali!!!

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